Benjamin Lanz is a multi instrumental musician, arranger, songwriter, and composer who has played and recorded with a long, long list of great musicians and bands. Most commonly associated with the bands The National and Beirut, Ben has also worked with many great people, from 15+ years touring and recording with Sufjan Stevens, to Booker T Jones, from Taylor Swift, to Sharon Van Etten and many, many more. As a horn player, mainly a trombonist, but tuba and other horns as well, Benjamin has performed across the musical spectrum, from The Kočani Arkester, to The Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, to Anthony Braxton and everything in between. As a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, Ben fronts the band LNZNDRF with Scott and Bryan Devendorf (The National) and Aaron Arntz (Beirut, Grizzly Bear), as well as his own solo songwriting project LANZ. As well, Benjamin has a new Post Rock, Post Jazz project and debut album Million Lands “The Ochre World” with drummer Kid Millions. Constantly involved in collaborating, composing, and recording, there is always something new that Ben is involved in and many concerts and records always just around the corner. 
New LNZNDRF is Out Now! The Long-Form Instrumental EP “To A Lake”

Million Lands “The Ochre World”

LANZ’s NEW EP “A Drift” on Bandcamp:

LANZ’s LP “Hoferlanz II”🔊

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